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Services and Products

Investment Relations

 Make Group has diverse experiences and capabilities in direct investments of its own assets, to attract corporate investment and utilize international funds in the matter of business investment. Maintaining a close relationship with governments throughout the Africa, Make Group proceeds with consistent and successful consultation concerning mergers and investments of both corporations and private investors.

 Moreover, coordinating with representative global corporations of each country, including the United States, United Kingdom, China and South East Asia, Make Group has carried on a successful business and has achieved high recognition and status in the world. In particular, Make Group undertakes successful investment and consultation, armed by its own political background, in various fields in West Africa, where its abundant natural resources and unlimited potentiality have been covered yet.

Make Group offers the most trustworthy success in the fields of foreign investment and market entry in overseas
 - Provides information on regulation, policy, legal issue and procedures concerning foreign investment
 - Assists successful investments by providing information and research analysis of related nations
 - uggests strategies and systems for investors' risk hedge
 -Offers various approaches to lower investments costs

Make Group carries on projects with a lowered capital investment using various approaches
 - Utilizes an international fund and develop partnership business
 - Links government to civil institutes
 - Networks diplomatic, economical, and cultural cooperation
 - Collaborates investment with Make Group
 - Partnerships investment with related regional corporations

Make Group customizes the investment in every field
 - IT, Information Communication, Machinery industry
 - Construction, Traffic, Transportation industry
 - Energy, Resources, Mining development industry
 - Housing, Real estate, Hotel, Leisure facility
 - Agriculture and Fisheries, Stock farm products processing development
 - Factories, Production facilities: Cement factory, Processed food, Bricks, Water
 - Health, Beauty, Culture industry