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Make Group rises as the international commercial firm which pursues the client satisfactory service in the client mind and it is endeavoring always to company development. Currently advanced which are film industry and the rust preventive also the bathroom relation commodity etc. which advised to relaying trade in based to provide Korean small and medium enterprise to the Europe market advance inquiry and we provides such a service as the price measurement purchases or the small and medium enterprises to make the chance for new market.


Make Group leads investigation for the profit of the client first which is sufficient through the global network of the connection company that is in the process of being active from the world-wide also recovers leading in the mediation trade, Make Group gives executed the trade enterprise of the enterprise smoothly.


- The enterprise which gropes an overseas market trade.

- Secures the connection of specific technique and the goods which is produced the enterprise   dose hopes an overseas advance.

- The enterprise which wants new market price measurement and local market research.

Service contents of Make Group

- Trade goods consulting.

- Small and medium enterprise financial affairs consultation consulting.

- The business consulting of an international relation contract and trade process.

- Market research and consulting for the international trade approach easily.

- Consulting of investment custody where the small and medium enterprises overseas    investors.