Make Group visions make future with the customer together and a realization of the dream with the customer together. To make the corporate image based on trustworthy company culture, to make a life and future and dreams come true together.




As a representative global company of political/economic cooperation with the West African country and a professional enterprise with the world-wide competitive power, raise an ability with trust of governmental side support and develop, invest the business. The impression management of customer value and human respect is the management ideology which Make Group intends.

The shape of circle symbolises the configuration of world since the business based on the representation of international

Make group supports to realize a dream and the possibilities such as the new life of clients which comes out from the awaking the egg. Upper right corner of small circle also one unit is not satisfactory in actuality and it shows the group of the
aspiration in a higher future.

Right and left swelling circle was whole easy movement and there is a feeling of life and force of being young which reflects the philosophy of the enterprise.

Make Group have created the vision of open-mindedness and its strong will that it will not confine itself within the frame of limitation, which shows many years of expertise through this animation.


Company Identification 'MG' is an emphasis of Make Group culture which stands for the world wide network connections of
subsidiaries. It is soft and beautiful English initial that is more intimately to become near to the client which will show expressions of friendliness and open-mindness of the Make Group family in the whole world.

Basic Colour



To reflect the philosophy of the business the main logo has been colored by Harvard Red, which could represent " International" and " young" images and Gold , which could express "fruitful " and "Warm-hearted " images.



Make Group is utility and it becomes truthful business mind with the international black and white mono which it pursues the fact that it becomes near to the client with the sense which is refined.