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Overseas Market Entry


Greeting the globalization, Make Group's business development consulting team assists corporations to plan to expand the overseas business in every major field of enterprises


- The enterprise which seeks an overseas market entry

- The enterprise which wishes to raise the company's global image by founding
   a new corporate in foreign countries

- The enterprise which makes inroads into undeveloped markets and is necessary for
   management consulting to expanding the business in the global market

- The enterprise which remits domestic capital to the overseas market market

- The enterprise which recruits foreign employment   

Service contents of Make Group

- Consultation on an international contract and an agreement

- Management consultation on a newly created business and project
  (review suitability of project and market research)

- Mergers and acquisitions of enterprises amp;

- Accounting consultation

- Overseas market entry and investment consulting


Step 1: Consultation about grasping corporations' needs and setting directions for them

Step 2: Selecting nations and consulting

Step 3: Business plan and market research

Step 4: Enterprise adequacy diagnosis

Step 5: Consistent management and business consultation for enterprises