The globalized economic environment and the trade protection by each country require us to target the exact market and to conduct its marketing accordingly. In view of the above, there needs to be more competitiveness concerning the accessible products, as well as the political understanding and cooperation of the countries involved.

Make Group, which specializes in foreign investment and mergers of corporations as well as private investment consulting, relocated its headquarters from London, U.K., to Seoul, Korea in 2006, and continues to expand its business in various sectors of the world market.

Make Group, headquartered in Seoul and also based in Washington, New York, LA and Chicago in the United States, London and Paris in Europe, Jilin and Beijing in China, and Manila and Colombo in South-East Asia, actively operates with precise and up to the minute information on political and economic cooperation in every area. Make Group has received recognition from governmental and private agencies, national and civil groups, as well as corporate and individual investors as company that is crucial to their success and development.

Make Group is also undertaking various projects in Africa, where the developed nations continue to expand their businesses. Make Group, through our expertise is heightening our global competence and position.

Make Group also has the capacity to produce IT-related products, eco-friendly products and consumer products in addition to providing marketing and sales consultation to Korean high-technological products in the overseas market. Make Group differentiates itself from others by offering abundant experiences and appropriate consultation in overseas investment, social infrastructure, resource development, and both government and civil projects.

Make Group Business Domain

  • Economic development enterprises in cooperation with the government: Agriculture-fisheries, Energy/Water Resources, mine and Natural resource Development, Education/Hygiene, Traffic/Communication
  • -Manufacturing and supplying of electronic products: Flat Satellite Antenna, Set-top Box, IPTV and LCD TV, Mobile Phone
  • -Importing and exporting to and from Africa (West Africa)
  • -Overseas asset management: Investment and Business Development
  • -Resource development (nonferrous metals including gold, and energy development investment)
  • -Construction of social infrastructure: roads, electricity, communication facilities, etc.
  • -Development and investment of other short-tern private business
  • -Cultural and diplomatic exchange with related nations
  • -African real estate development and art & cultural exchange projects