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Venture capital


Make Group expands its business to the global market in the United States, the West Europe, and China by linking the blue chips rooted in Korea and China, as an effort of searching for the technical goods, to local investors within the United States.

Assisting corporations which equip with high technology and prospect, not yet insufficient capital and management skill, Make Group does the best efforts, with professional knowledge and advanced information, to bring capital investment return to them by aiding capital and providing management strategy from the beginning of development stage of business.

Make Group operates intense business supports via recruiting American investors and supporting local venture corporations in Korea, and consulting about investment recruitment.

We consult in the field of acquisitions of corporations, market expand, West Europe market analysis, a patent protection, corporation consulting from the stage of establishment of the enterprise that has a superior technology.

Make Group assists NASDAQ-registered and adventurous corporations to pioneer the market thereby bringing business success.
the United States.

Prospect of venture capital

- With solutions of market accessibility and marketing strategy, Make Group vigorously promotes
  foreign market entry for corporations

- Usual waits for venture capital is 5 years after investing. In 5 years the shares they invest
  could be sold to primary shareholders or competitors. In case of uncovering their corporations,
  those shares are entitled to be sold to private investors as well. On the process of disposal,
  venture capital could be expected the annual profit rate of 25% at least.

Consideration on venture capital

As far as venture capital is concerned, concentrated research development allows a quality of goods and product completion can be escalated. And its added value is evaluated as the prospectively major financial business. Because of the importance of risk analysis, and possibility evaluation of risk-adventurous investment that venture capital may hold, it is crucial to have the accurate business plan and the differentiated marketing strategy for newly developed technology and invents of whether it suits well to foreign market.

Funding Service

Make Group is process to advance the funds supply of the enterprise smoothly. General Funding, it does talks the method of direct invested capital supply.

Make Group has advances policy funds, financial funds and financing consulting also the plan inquiry for a various policy funds financing supply, in personal investment most selection of the funds which is suitable, intercession of the financial institution which is suitable at the corresponding enterprise, it advances drawing up and a process vicarious execution of the financing application document and it is giving.

Make Group is providing funding service of the field to investors through partnership of the British total financial group and the Japanese total financial group.

The contents of Make Group service

- Responds to customers' needs promptly by evaluating rival companies and market research

- Offers the accurate consultation on marketability of the business of whether new technology
  of venture enterprise meets to foreign market needs, business evaluation, and the profit

- Provides the viewpoint to technical risk of the availability of patent acquisition, future
  connection to product technology, possibility of diversification

- Assists to grasp on financial risk of the scale of capital property, decision on a use,
  and consideration on investment evacuation

- Assists corporations' foreign market entry via analysis on pros and cons of venture capital,
  as well as the business of private investors and corporations